Builders Needed!


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Nov 10, 2011

We are looking for 3-5 talent Minecraft builders who are interested in showcasing their talents for a top-secret Smashcraft surprise!

The build will take place on a different server that will be online 24/7. You will be in creative mode, and you can have access to WorldEdit and/or VoxelSniper. We will leave up a hologram with your name on it forever giving you credit for the build.

Please state your interest by replying to this thread. Some screenshots of your work helps, as well as your availability. Once the team has been assembled, we will have a meeting discussing the details.

- Smash
Nov 12, 2011
I might be able to help some. Not the best at building buildings necessarily, but i have a lot of experience with voxel sniper and world edit from my old server doing environments (it was a hunger games server with custom maps every week). Not sure if I have any pictures available, ill have to check an old pc if possible or see if some friends have any and ill post them here later.

Today I finished the last of my finals so im open pretty much anytime except wednesday nights.
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Nov 10, 2011
I'm in assuming it fits my schedule. In the middle of buying a car, so it has to be on a weekend at the moment. Probably better in the morning on Saturdays and Sunday that way I can plan properly. I would be able to work on stuff weekdays but it woul dbe less productive since itll be smaller amounts of time (EST -- UTC-5)
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Dec 4, 2011
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I can contribute to what extent that I am able. I don't know the project contents but will do what I can. My availability varies since I have a few obligations that need to be addressed on daily basis. But monday through to wednesday I'm usually free during the noon to later parts of the day. Weekends are iffy and depend on whether or not I'm too tired from work.

As far as screenshots are concerned you've made the previous Artisan applications visible to everyone so if you need any referencing to my ability you can look there.
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