After 5 long years...


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Nov 10, 2011
Some called it impossible. Others called it improbable. Yet, I stand before you today, vigorously typing away...
Smashcraft is returning in 2018!

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After a 5+ year hiatus, we're making our return to the world of Minecraft. If you're reading this then you probably have a number of questions... what? why? when? If you're not reading this, then you could probably give two shits about the return. That being said, thank you for checking out this announcement.

I've thrown together a quick FAQ.

Why are you bringing this back from the dead?

Great question! Thanks for asking it, Smash! Well - there are multiple reasons. The main reason is that I feel like I could have done a better job. Creating a better experience for the players and the community, being more consistent with the direction of the server, and doing a better job LISTENING to the core player base. Minecraft has crazily come a long way since Smashcraft was around. New blocks, new features, new everything. It took me an entire day to even get a server up and running because of how different even the administration side of things is. And lastly, over the years I've been asked by members of the community to #bringitback. I gave little thought to it then, because my life was transitioning from being a careless gamer to having a career, a family, etc. I had little time to even think about Smashcraft (or games in general). I blew off a lot of friends I made online, which I deeply regret. You may be thinking that this is just a reach because of some regret I have about leaving the community, and that in a month or so time there will be no Smashcraft, no anything. But I assure you that with what I have planned, Smashcraft will be here to stay.

When will the server be online and ready to play?

I don't have an exact date nailed down, but I am working hard towards that date. I have a LOT of work to do and I've done a LOT of work already. My estimation is sometime this month. I will most likely hold an open beta for a few days where I encourage you to join and test the waters. I would also love feedback in the mean time as to what you would like to see, what you wouldn't like to see, etc.

Why did Smashcraft shut down in the first place?

Quite a few reasons. We had a major issue with our previous host (Avante Hosting). At one point we were paying about $270.00+ a month for our dedicated server to handle the traffic and ensure a lag-free experience to our players. However, one day they seemingly just closed up shop. I tried reaching them, community members tried reaching them. I was even debating driving to their HQ in Toronto. We lost just about everything aside from the backups that I had. However, that alone was not the sole reason, merely the icing on the cake. As I had mentioned above, I was going through a transition in life and had very little time to dedicate to the community. Because the way things were set up required me being heavily involved, the attention the server (and other aspects) required was simply not there. I closed the doors sometime in early 2013.

What format is the server?

To start (don't worry) we will be focusing on survival. There will be an awesome land claiming system in place (no, not Factions) where anybody can start off with a small claim and progress through different ranks, allowing them to claim a larger area and even eventually make a whole town. As well as a fueled server economy, events, and more (I don't want to spoil it all). The reason I said "to start" is because we have plans to expand Smashcraft into other formats as well. That being said, I do not want to give you PTSD. Smashcraft will not be an ongoing experiment, which it may have felt like it was in the past. I am dedicated to our Survival format and the system that's being put in place. You won't log in after a week and see that we randomly changed to Factions, or are having a map wipe after 3 months, etc. I will listen to the community, and we will take baby steps based on that feedback. There will never ever be a game-changing-altering system shift that destroys the experience for you. That is my promise to you.

What are the future plans for Smashcraft?

As of right now, I'm 100% focused on our Survival server, the backbone to our community. For those of you who still play Minecraft, you will notice that a lot of servers are going with a "HUB" approach. This is something that we have tried in the past, but never seemed to quite get it down. As I mentioned above, the game has come a long way and it's a lot easier to achieve this multi-server format. Eventually, I would like to expand Smashcraft into different formats as long as it does not take anything away from our existing server. I am aware of the dangers of creating different servers and how it can spread a community thin because the numbers don't support it. Once we're ready, we will be looking into creating additional servers like Skyblock, Prison, Factions, Creative, Games, etc. But this is a long way down the road, and right now my attention is not on this plan, but rather on creating a solid experience for our Survival server.

Are my previous donor ranks going to carry over?

Totes. (y) But the "perks" are subject to change. Some of the features we had are no longer available, but there will also be some really cool new features. We will have Tier 1-6 and you will fall into those just as before. There are some members that are above T6, you will keep those and your perks beyond T6 will be determined soon. Nobody can purchase above T6 at this time, but it's subject to change. I am not really doing a ton of work in the donation department right now aside from providing the best experience I can to our existing contributors.

Can I use my old forum login?


So what now?

Come hang out with us! Our discord server is up and running, you can join via the link above. The forums are a work in progress but are functional and ready for posting. You don't have to wait for the server to be up to participate in the community. I encourage you to reach out to your friends who have enjoyed playing Smashcraft in the past to read this post. I also have an email list of about 1,000+ previous members who I will be contacting sometime this weekend probably.

I am beyond excited to see everyone and get this ball rolling. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reply to this thread. I look forward to seeing you all!



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Dec 16, 2011
Hey all! Great to be back! Also, I promise I'll be less irritating this time around (a lot changed between the ages of ~12-15 and 20.... Damn, I got old fast.
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