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    Anyone playin BFA?

    I am playing my man, on Alliance. I'll add you.
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    PM sent
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    I'll set you up as soon as I get home.
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    Museum Server Now Live!

    I am happy to announce that the Smashcraft Museum server is now officially live! Go on a nostalgic journey exploring Smashcraft maps of old! These maps are locked down from interaction, but you have the ability to fly, and navigate the map using the "Museum Navigator" compass. This Museum...
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    Museum: Areas of Interest

    Please reply to this thread with viable teleport coordinates to areas of interest for the different museum maps. Positions are X, Y, Z Bastion: Alleria: -1500 65 106 (Not a player town) Avarice: -6 106 -1194 Aries: Haven: Clanlands: Altraux:
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    Happy Star Wars Day!

    In honor of Star Wars day, we've included a LIGHTSABER in the vote crate. The Lightsaber uses the power of the Force for a chance to push enemies back. The Lightsaber is only available through the weekend, so be sure to get your votes in every day. Enjoy!
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    Builders Needed!

    We are looking for 3-5 talent Minecraft builders who are interested in showcasing their talents for a top-secret Smashcraft surprise! The build will take place on a different server that will be online 24/7. You will be in creative mode, and you can have access to WorldEdit and/or VoxelSniper...
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    Level 1 Artifacts Released!

    Level 1 artifacts have official been released! You're able to purchase these artifacts in-game by typing "/artifacts". Note that only armor is currently available. Level 1 artifacts currently cost: $5,000 20 Iron Blocks Simply have the materials on you and buy away! A full set of artifact...
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    Below are a list of Titles on Smashcraft. These titles are subject to change at any time without notice. [Noble] Obtained from becoming a Tier 1 donor. [Hero] Obtained from becoming a Tier 2 donor. [Elite] Obtained from becoming a Tier 3 donor. [Lord] Obtained from becoming a Tier 4 donor...
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    [Architect] Application Format

    Architects get to aid in the beautification of Smashcraft servers. As an Architect, you will be assigned projects. Innovation and creativity is key to this position because you are largely responsible for the first impressions players have when joining Smashcraft. Architect duties include, but...
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    bring back open staff applications

    @Selekah Done! As of right now there is only a mod application, but I plan on creating a "Architect" one as well eventually because I could really use some help in spawn.
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    [Mod] Application Format

    Moderators help enforce the rules laid out by Administrators as well as provide general support to the player base about the server and Minecraft in general. In order to become a Moderator on Smashcraft, you must meet certain criteria. Moderator duties include, but are not limited to...
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    Newest Staff Member - Camidian

    Welcome @Camidian as the latest addition to the Smashcraft team.
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    ADDED All fence types should now work with GATE mechanism. NW, NE, SW, SE portal towers are now in spawn that take you to (+/-)2500 block in each direction. New Job kits unlock at level 10 along with a totally awesome new UI for kits. Kits will give random Artifact armor that when worn...
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    bring back the flame forum

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    Teleportation and Travel

    I love the ideas Sele - i'm working on them now. Here is my next question. Should we just go back to eliminating Home and GHome cooldowns? Will 5 minutes do enough? Personally, I feel like 5 minutes would just be annoying more than discouraging. @Selekah @CharlieSuits
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    Teleportation and Travel

    The cool downs right now are: Home: 10 minutes Guild Home: 20 minutes Wild: 20 minutes Considering people were talking about making some of these 24 hour cool downs, I feel like they are in a good spot when you compare. I want to make sure I am clear on what the "community" is asking here...
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    TO-DO & Running list of issues

    Get rid of that modded client yo.
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    TO-DO & Running list of issues