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  1. CharlieSuits

    PVP and Raiding

    I noticed that the banner for Smashcraft on voting sites doesn't advertise it as a PVP/Raiding server. I also understand that this server is not intended to be a hardcore pvp server at all, and I know there is going to be a pvp arena in spawn. With that being said, I think the current state of...
  2. CharlieSuits

    Lvl 3 Titwan - Recruiting - 19/20

    Titwan Base Location: 178, -2325 Recruitment Status: open Members (19/20): Charliesuits - Guild Leader ~~~~~~~ Apaiges - Officer - Queen Camidian - Officer - Coordinator Lord_Surge - Officer - Blacksmith ParkerDaHubbard - Officer - War Chief Stardustangel - Officer - Court Wizard ~~~~~~~~ Arkae...
  3. CharlieSuits


    I originally played a ton on the old Bastion server, and quit shortly after the map changed. I ran my own server for a while, and then eventually stopped playing video games almost entirely because of college. Ive spent the last few years working on becoming a professional saxophone player...
  4. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft [Town] Azeroth

    Azeroth Town of Beauty, Riches, and Luxury. Owned by: CharlieSuits Noble: Kestondris Members: 14 Drummachine0000 BraveTitan22 Middleo3 Cam4usc Stardustangel Harrisburg13 Da_Burg Johnives Codyroxs4 Brass_Dog Maluigi354 5up7 Bluewarrior13 Pdog88 How to Apply: Ask in game or on teamspeak. I...
  5. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft 40x40 troubles

    I would like to remodel my 40x40, yet i can't because of about 4 or 5 lwcs. I created a petition asking to have them removed and was told the player is still active. Even if he is active they are on MY 40x40 and i can do nothing unless they are removed. I said this in a petition yet i was told...
  6. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft SmashCraft Revival

    I miss the old days, when there was op MCMMO, tons of pvp, no easy enchantments(you had to work your ass off for em), and no whinny noobs that cry when you kill them. That sexy Bastion spawn that was so easy to get around has been replaced with this big netherbrick based thing that i get lost...
  7. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft My Valentine!

    I asked everyone who wanted to be my valentine to post signs saying why. So i checked the plots and johnives won <3 Pdogs: Drackomt: Kestondris came in 2nd: Johnives!!!! the winner!!!!:
  8. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft [Town] Aquatica [8]

    Aquatica Baron:charliesuits Noble:Kestondris Theme:Water Location: +123, +1665 Residents: 1.charliesuits 2.Kestondris 3.fish009 4.stardustangel 5.DARK_SOLDIER187 6.Cup_Cake_Karly 7.Drackomt 8.Darekisawesome11 ~Rules~ Protection: You will not be protected from anything unless you are IN the town...
  9. CharlieSuits

    Legacy Smashcraft [Town] Icy Forge [12]

    Mayor: Charliesuits Noble: Da_Burg Citizen List: 1. charliesuits 2. Da_burg 3. giantbadger 4.CraftMaster 5.Harrisburg13 6. 7.Drackom 8.IIIBUDDHAIII 9.jubjub210 Description: This is the first town to be covered in snow! Snow Golems living with you is normal here so get used to it! Town Hall is...