Upcoming Changes


Staff member
Nov 10, 2011

Minecraft 1.14 is knocking on our door and will be released soon. With 1.14 we're planning on releasing a new map (still working out the details) along with some server changes. These changes are in the interest of bringing things back to the basics in a way. We did a poor job buttoning up some unfinished aspects of the server before moving on to a new feature. Most of the issues stem from a small player base, which can be fixed over time as long as we're making sure a feature is really done before moving onto the next.

Changes for 1.14 will be as follows:

Player shops taking a vacation
We're looking at different ways to get the players involved in the economy. Player shops are not gone for good, but right now they aren't used much, as we don't have the player base to support them being successful. We need to do a better job providing a better way to encourage players to buy/trade/sell and I am confident we can come up with something.

Removal of Citizens (NPCs)
Sort of an afterthought. We did not do a good job giving NPC's a purpose.

Envoy's (The Pit)
Another feature which I personally feel is really cool, however again due to lack of players it becomes almost pointless for most players. The Pit will be back one day.

Use by fewer, and even fewer would actually bid or buy items. Could see a return down the road.

Things that will be adjusted but don't have all the details ironed out yet:

Got a lot of great feedback on Crates. We will be taking a hard look at them (mainly the items). I think it might be better to have an in-game way to get a lesser powered version of these items rather than donating for a chance to win some. Crates will likely be mainly cosmetic with titles, name colors, trails, etc. Still working out the details on these.

Overall we'd like to tie the economy more into Guilds and give it a less grindy feel. Jobs are SUPER hard to balance and we're exploring alternative ways for players to make money without feeling like they need to dig out chunks. This is one of the top focuses for 1.14.

Custom Map
More research needs to go into our custom map. I could explore for hours and be amazed at the things I would find, but with that came a lot of issues. There were corrupt villages that were causing a lot of CPU issues. There were mob spawning issues that affected player's mob farms. Going to look into if a custom map is going to be worth it this time around or if we should just go with a 1.14 vanilla map.

The original developer of mcMMO returned and has overhauled the plugin. There are same changes with some new features that I encourage you to read about here: https://www.mcmmo.org/
I'd also like some more feedback in regards to mcMMO. Things you liked, didn't like, would like to see in the future, etc.

Guilds are awesome. But they still need some work. The plot system was only about 85% complete. We're also going to look at the requirements for upgrading a Guild and will likely be reducing them. I don't personally think the restrictions were that crazy but it was really tuned towards a sever with a larger population. I don't see the harm in reducing or even totally overhauling the requirements to create a Guild and upgrade your Guild. We're also going to be looking at tying Guilds more into other aspects of the game, like the economy, mcMMO, etc.