Lvl 3 The Cult of Mithraea


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Dec 4, 2011
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The Cult of Mithraea

.: Members :.

eXitium (clccc) Guildmaster
_Bayside_ Officer
_Shreds_ Officer
Dinosaurblood (On Break)
Nitrox Dragon
Recruitment Status: Open (11/20)
War Status: Neutral

Allies: Tawaret Springs, Trite, Firestorm and Lumbridge (as of 4/12/18)

Enemies: Titwan and anyone associated with them.

.: Rules :.

- The guild always comes first.
- Ranks have a purpose, know your place.
- No bitching, whining, crying, complaining.
- If you have an issue take it up with an admin on the discord.

.: Build Code :.

- Violations of the build code will result in a warning and possibly removal of your home if you don't fix it.
- You're free to build anything you want underground within a plot assigned to you.
- If you have an idea for a building for the town that's not your personal land, get it approved first.
Approved Blocks: W.I.P

.: Notes :.

- If you do not have any LWC chests, remember to COVER your chests. You and only you are responsible for your items.
- Donate anything you can spare to the guild bank and items into the guild vault.
- Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed... As long as they aren't completely idiotic.

.: Application :.

Minecraft Username:
Time Zone:
Most Active Hours:
How long have you played on this server? (If you've played on previous smashcraft servers please note that):
Member Reference (if you have one):
What's your playstyle (builder, farmer, tamer, pvp, miner etc.):
Do you have a microphone?:

This thread is for applications only, If you have any unrelated comments, as per general rule, post them somewhere else. Any post I feel is not productive will be requested for deletion.
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