Smashcraft Build Competition!

Nov 10, 2011
Melbourne Australia
Attention SmashCraft - changing things up after the PVP tournament, we have a brand new EVENT!!!
Time to show off your architect and design skills in this fun build competition, from now till 10th August!!

Theme is Home Sweet Home

Build is restricted to a 15x15 Plot, there are 6 available plots just SOUTH of spawn at 0, 400. You do not have to use them, but it is preferred.
All builds must be completed on Friday 10th August at 8PM CST, after that time I will be judging all entrants and choosing a winner!
The theme is Home Sweet Home, this means you should create a building that looks like a player house, can be any design or era, including Medieval, Modern and Futuristic!
Everyone is welcome to join and encourged, there will be a participation prize and a special prize for BEST BUILD!

Examples of Excellent Builds include;
This modern house designed by Smashbox (Bastion)!

This wooden house designed by DCiscools (Aries)!

Best of luck builders!!