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Museum Server Now Live!
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I am happy to announce that the Smashcraft Museum server is now officially live! Go on a nostalgic journey exploring Smashcraft maps of old! These maps are locked down from interaction, but you have the ability to fly, and navigate the map using the "Museum Navigator" compass.

This Museum server is still a work in progress, so if you find any issues or have suggestions, please report them! You can also submit locations to areas of interest on this thread:

To join the Museum, simply login to Smashcraft and type /museum

To get back to the Survival server, type /survival

Happy Star Wars Day!
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In honor of Star Wars day, we've included a LIGHTSABER in the vote crate. The Lightsaber uses the power of the Force for a chance to push enemies back.

The Lightsaber is only available through the weekend, so be sure to get your votes in every day.

Builders Needed!
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We are looking for 3-5 talent Minecraft builders who are interested in showcasing their talents for a top-secret Smashcraft surprise!

The build will take place on a different server that will be online 24/7. You will be in creative mode, and you can have access to WorldEdit and/or VoxelSniper. We will leave up a hologram with your name on it forever giving you credit for the build.

Please state your interest by replying to this thread. Some screenshots of your work helps, as well as your availability. Once the team has been assembled, we will have a meeting discussing the details.

- Smash
Level 1 Artifacts Released!
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Level 1 artifacts have official been released! You're able to purchase these artifacts in-game by typing "/artifacts". Note that only armor is currently available.

Level 1 artifacts currently cost:
  • $5,000
  • 20 Iron Blocks
Simply have the materials on you and buy away! A full set of artifact armor yields 40% bonus Job XP and Money.

It will probably be a few weeks before level 2 is released, as we want to monitor this first round, along with other plans.

Newest Staff Member - Camidian
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Welcome @Camidian as the latest addition to the Smashcraft team.
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  • All fence types should now work with GATE mechanism.
  • NW, NE, SW, SE portal towers are now in spawn that take you to (+/-)2500 block in each direction.
  • New Job kits unlock at level 10 along with a totally awesome new UI for kits. Kits will give random Artifact armor that when worn, increase your job experience and money rates.
  • mcMMO experience is now displayed on the GUI. Type '/mcmmo'
  • All teleport cooldowns in exception for /wild were removed.
  • The stupid vote reminder. The "TIP" already has a reminder.
  • Claims from the dynmap.
  • Titles and name colors won are now BOE (Bind on equip). Meaning if you already have the title or color you have won, you are now able to sell it, trade it, give it away, or just throw it in the trash.
  • End and Nether portals have a new location in spawn...

After 5 long years...

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Some called it impossible. Others called it improbable. Yet, I stand before you today, vigorously typing away...
Smashcraft is returning in 2018!

Server IP:

After a 5+ year hiatus, we're making our return to the world of Minecraft. If you're reading this then you probably have a number of questions... what? why? when? If you're not reading this, then you could probably give two shits about the return. That being said, thank you for checking out this announcement.

I've thrown together a quick FAQ.

Why are you bringing this back from the dead?

Great question! Thanks for asking it, Smash! Well - there are multiple reasons. The main reason is that I feel like I could have done a better job. Creating a better...

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